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  • Ottawa Bonsai Society
  • P.O. Box 4254, Station E
  • Ottawa, Ontario
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  1. Hi! I was just wondering when your next meeting was-am interested in joining-I know it’s the 3rd Monday of each month just wanted to confirm that I was counting right!!

  2. Hi. Will be rejoining after a few years absence. Have the trees to be displayed at the show already been chosen? I could send pictures of those I might submit if there’s room/need. Otherwise I’ll come have a look at what others are working on. Thanks.

    Gordon Powers

  3. Hi I was at the bonsai exhibit today in Ottawa and picked up a leaflet about a beginner’s course being held in the end of October. Is this a lecture or a hands on course?
    Thank you,


    1. Hello, the course is theoretical (i.e. lecture format). It is a pre-requisite for members to participate in the workshop in the spring. Thank you for visiting our show!

    1. Hello, do you know where the Ron Kolbus Center is? We could meet there on Monday December 11 at 6:45 if that is convenient for you?

  4. Good afternoon, I have a 18-19 years old bonsai about which my 19 y.o. nephew always asks me questions about every time he comes to Montreal. I followed in 2006 a full day class at “Bonsai Gros-Bec” and chose there a bonsai and the clay pottery pot. Everything was included in the price. I would like to offer him the same thing in Ottawa where he lives. When are your next classes? Does the price include the bonsai and the pottery? How much it would cost? Thank you in advance to answer me.

    1. Bonjour Michelle, we offer a theoretical course in the fall followed by the practical workshop in the spring. The theoretical course is offered once a year in late October. Members have to take the theoretical course in order to be able to participate to the spring workshop. Our spring workshop does include the tree, the pot, the soil and the wires. Bonsai Gros-Bec does offer a one day introductory course where participants leave with a tree in a nice pot. We are not well equipped to offer such a one day course.

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